For over 30 years a I have coached children and their parents

to attend to their emotional needs in support of their cognitive needs.  Now, I am focusing solely upon coaching women to care for themselves through playful and easy relaxation activities I refer to as Sighs... or CIEs: Creative Imagery Experiences.  These activities can be done alone or with others in five minutes Once you experience their relaxing effects, you may yearn to send more time with them...    



- Arts Therapy/Counseling degree in process (MAAT)

- Certified yoga/meditation instructor,

  Temple of Kriya Yoga, 1992 

- Personal 45 year yoga and meditation practice

- 2 Year Certificate in Analytical Psychology

- Ongoing coursework and trainings in Jungian methodology 

- Coursework, workshops, intensives in Body /Soul process via the       Marion Woodman Foundation.